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How He Made Me Say “YES” To A Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal

Looking back, I still can’t believe how he was able to completely surprise me and popped the question in a way I couldn’t say no. Now, I am 26 and getting ready to start a whole new life with the man whom God perfectly designed to fit my personality.

I never had the slightest idea of what he’s been doing in secret a couple of months before my 26th birthday. All he told me was we will celebrate my birthday by feeding the kids in a kindergarten school.

Loving the idea, I shared it to some of my friends with actually no intention of getting their support and participation. Amazingly, we all share the same passion of reaching out to the kids. The next thing I knew, they’re already pledging amounts and sharing ideas on how we can give the kids the most nutritious meal they’ll ever have.

It was already perfect for me, and I couldn’t be happier when I finally saw the kids with my friends and siblings attending to them.

It was after the feeding, when we were on our way to have dinner altogether, that things started to get a little weird.

We had two cars in convoy. One was where me, my boyfriend, my siblings, and one friend were in. The other was where the rest of my friends were in.

Before we left, my boyfriend and my friends discussed about what we’re going to do and where to go next. I wasn’t there when they had a conversation so I had no idea on what they had agreed on.

While he’s driving, he kept asking me whether the other car is following us. No, the other car wasn’t following us. It had probably overtaken us already.

I can sense he’s feeling a little disturbed. A few minutes later, he pulled over and asked to tell my other friends to come to the place where we parked. It’s just alongside the road.

His request didn’t make any sense to me. Why does the other car have to follow us when my friends in there already knew where to go, I thought. I was feeling a bit agitated by that time. The night was already deep and we were all hungry. My friends on the other car was thinking the same thing. But he was very persistent.

So we waited at the side of the street while my other friends drove their way back to where we were. They had indeed overtaken us already.

When they finally arrived, he talked to them. Again, I didn’t listen to their conversation. I was already too tired to get involved with the trouble. After their short conversation, we’re all back to our cars and drove.

When I’m mad, I don’t talk; and I was already a little mad that time, so I never mind asking him what just happened.

While on our way to wherever we’re going, we stopped over his workplace. We waited for a couple of minutes for him to finish something related to his job. Then we’re back on the road.

My mood hadn’t improved just yet when he asked my siblings to cover my eyes with the handkerchief. Well, it wasn’t really a hanky they used. It was a pillow case they mistakenly thought for a hanky. That’s what you get for being in a hurry. I never even noticed that they took it with us.

So they covered my eyes, and I thought what is it this time…

Obviously, I don’t know what happened next. The ride was quite long and since I couldn’t see anything, I just took a nap along the way.

The next thing I knew, we entered a highly guarded place. He took me out of the car. Then, I felt a cold breeze and a strong wind blowing on me.

My eyes were still covered and my siblings told me not to take any steps because we’re on top of a hill and I might fall. Later on I found out it was a prank.

Finally, he held me and guided me towards an elevator. I knew because I can hear the beeping sound and I can feel it while it ascended. But I still didn’t know where we were.

While walking with my eyes covered, I imagined a lot of things inside my head. I was already certain that he prepared another birthday surprise for me. I have seen a garden filled with bright lights and a table for two at the middle. Delicious foods will be served and then a violinist will appear to play a very romantic melody.

My imagination almost looked very real to me, and I never thought he’s capable of preparing such a very romantic surprise.

Then I heard a door opened. This time I’m back to reality. He took me in and I heard a lot of noise.

The noise kept getting louder and I began to recognize the voices. Oh my! Is my whole family here? I thought. Then everybody sang a birthday song. They uncovered my eyes, and there before me was indeed my family, with my friends who joined us in the feeding and two of our pastors at church.


That wasn’t how I imagined it to be, but that was absolutely better than what I imagined. I couldn’t contain my happiness. Big smiles and hugs showered me all over.

Just when I thought the surprise was over, he started a little speech, took out a ring, and popped the question.

“Will you marry me?”

I just turned 26 and my boyfriend’s proposing for marriage!


That was double trouble. I mean double celebration. Ah, the turn of events overwhelmed me to bits. I swear I couldn’t express the mix of emotions I had that time.

You know the feeling of getting older and still not living your dream. Then there’s a proposal to start a whole new life and make new dreams. I wasn’t sure I was ready for it that moment. But when I saw him there standing in front of me, holding out a ring, while my family, pastors and friends were looking at us, and realizing what a huge surprise he set-up just for me, I melted.

I’ve never been much of a good girlfriend to him, but he never gave up on me. A couple of days before my birthday, I had the worst mood swings any girl could ever have. We’ve been through the toughest of times that typical men could have just left me and replace with someone more pleasant and loving. But he never did.

That instant, I threw out my idea of “marrying at 30” and just uttered the word, “yes”.

Everything seemed to disappear in my sight. All that remained was me and the ultimate feeling of being loved. I never thought someone could love me that way, it’s absolutely heaven sent. I used to only look at it on movies and videos, but that moment was finally my moment, and the feeling was truly ecstatic. I could only wish it will never end.


At the time of this writing, I’m already back to my senses. It’s been almost four months since the proposal, but the memory and the feelings accompanied with it are still clear as a crystal.

Sure, I’m still scared of what lies ahead. But the comfort of knowing that this man knows me inside out and had seen the worst of me and still wants to spend his whole life with me, gives me the courage to embrace this whole new journey.

Now I’m 26 and about to marry the man with the most genuine love.


 Check out my Wedding Guide page. I’ll be putting here everything I’ll find during our wedding preparation.  


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