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Steam Therapy For Stress And Body Pains




Steam therapy is an effective treatment for conditions such as mild depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, nicotine addiction, hypertension, chronic pain, respiratory conditions, and cardiovascular disease.

Other health benefits include:

  • Relieving tension buildup and various forms of stress.
  • Soothing and relaxing muscles.
  • Stabilizing emotional mood.
  • Relieving ailments such as arthritis, muscle pains, joint pains and other body pains.
  • Reducing weight. However, medical experts say this is only temporary as the loss is all water weight and will be back after replenishing body fluids.
  • Releasing toxins and other negative energies.
  • Regulating and stimulating blood flow.
  • Boosting metabolism.
  • Making skin looks fresh, young and healthy.


Heat emitted from steam rooms may not be suitable for asthma and heart problem patients; also it is best to bath in cool water after steaming and then apply lotion to avoid drying of skin.

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