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Blog Talk 3 | Best Lifestyle Blog, FueledByCaffeine



Welcome to the 3rd feature of the Blog Talk series. In the first and second features of Blog Talk,I introduced the best in Cebu when it comes to food and fashion blogging. This time, I present to you one of the best blog in Cebu lifestyle. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Melanie Aquino Manso of Fueled By Caffeine.

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1. Who is Melanie Manso? Who is Karen Lechoco? What is Fueled By Caffeine?

We’re Melanie and Karen and we’re best buds. Our friendship started during college. We were on the same block, so we went to the same classes for the first semester. It was during that time we realized how much we had in common. We had the same interests; we both love travelling, reading books, watching series and movies, and drinking coffee. Though we are now in different paths of life, our friendship endures. We often go on coffee dates to update each other with each other’s lives and just talk for hours about anything. That’s how our blog, Fueled By Caffeine, came about. During one of our coffee sessions, we were inspired to create something fun and creative, so we started a blog together. In there, we share travel adventures, food trip sessions, blogging tips as well as bits of our life here in Cebu, Philippines.


2. How did you first get into blogging?

We first learned about blogging during our college years, when Live Journal, MySpace and Multiply were still a trend. We liked having a personal web space and freely writing about anything we could think of. We frequently created and deleted these separate blogs because of varying interests and inspirations. Now, we finally have each other to brainstorm ideas with! It became our BFF bonding activity during our spare time.


3. Can you share some of your strengths that helped you succeed in blogging?

Our strength is that we complement each other. Between the both of us, Melanie is the cauldron of ideas (she has all these fun ideas and most of the time I just struggle to catch up!), while I(Karen) am the “worrier” who gets all technical about the details of those ideas. We got each other’s backs in the right times!


4. How will you describe your style as a blogger?

We both write short posts about our travels, food spots, and the cool stores that we discover.

We like our blog being a fun yet informative place for any kind of adventurer.


5. How do you enhance your blog’s traffic and engagement?

We share our posts on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We also use other traffic-boosting tools available in WordPress.


6. How do you think can a blogger best serve his readers?

By providing them relevant answers and content. Karen wrote about her exclusive advice for writing successful blogs that can best serve readers in this post.


7. What is your ideal working environment?

Quiet, or a least a pleasant humming. An organized desk, with a notebook and pen on the ready. And most importantly: a cup of coffee within reach.


8. How do you manage your time to be efficient in blogging?

Time management has always been a challenge given that we’re both working on several projects and each have day jobs to tend to. We’re looking forward to improving this skill as we continue diving into the world of blogging.


9. What other things you want to improve in yourself?

Aside from doing better with time and content management, we also want to reduce our time procrastinating. Fortunately, we have each other’s back in reminding ourselves of our goals.


10. Have you experienced some failure in blogging? How did you cope up with it?

We had several weeks where we weren’t able to meet and post anything due to our busy schedules. Up until now, it still remains a challenge for both of us. But when we do find time, we make up for all we missed.


11. What was your biggest achievement as a blogger so far?

Being a part of an active blogging community, and being able to help both locals and tourists in continuing to discover wonderful places and experiences.


12. Who influenced you most in blogging and how?

We’re mostly influenced by bloggers we follow. They inspired us to share our own story of adventures.


13. Where would you like to be in blogging 5 years from now?

Build a community of like-minded individuals who are also Fueled by Caffeine.


14. What was the most challenging moment in blogging so far?

When a technical glitch disabled access to the the entire blog. A nightmare!


15. Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and why are they your favorite?


  • Anne Uy ( — She was a college junior when we were college freshmen. We really admired her work as a photographer and blogger ever since. She’s continuing her craft. Likewise, we’re continuing our admiration.
  • Justinne Go ( — Her blog is the first Cebu food blog that I(Melanie) followed. Babe For Food has become my source of ideas on where to eat next.
  • Trisha Gosingtian ( — She’s a fashion blogger from Manila. We enjoy her social media feed and her “sophisticute” style.


16. What inspired you to start Fueled By Caffeine?

We both love going on adventures and sharing our experiences to the world, we’re really good friends, and we love having a great time. Fueled By Caffeine is our outlet to help others have the same (or better) fun experience!


17. What motivates you in keeping your blog up and running?

It always has been writing and sharing what we have learned or discovered.


18. Do you personally get invitations from restaurants and chefs to review their food?

For now, we get invitations through different blogging communities, which are Cebu Blogging Community (CBS) and Cebu Blogging Society (CBS).


19. Do you get paid for blogging about certain food and restaurants?

Not yet.


20. What do you think is the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Aside from getting noticed online, posting regular content on the blog is a challenge and can be frustrating when you don’t have enough time during work days.


21. What is the difference between your life before blogging and now?

We’re exposed to more passionate people and lovely places now. We also have a different impression about blogging now.


22. How much time do you spend in blogging?

We usually have time only during the weekends, but we try as much as we can to spend at least an hour during the weekdays if needed.


23. Is blogging your profession or a hobby?

For now, it’s our creative outlet — our passion project. We’re planning to monetize it very soon, once we’ve got a hang of how that part of the blogging world works.


24. Would you encourage others to make their blog?

Yes, of course! We wrote about why you should start a blog today in this post.


25. What would you tell people who wants to start their own blog?

Start NOW  :) 






This post is for the DigitalPro for Professional Bloggers Bootcamp by eSTRAT Media and Cebu Blogging Community with the support of Globe Prepaid and Global Hub Executive Suites.

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