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The Blogger’s Tool For Internet On The Go

Internet On The Go

Internet On The Go

As a blogger, one of the most important things to have is internet. It is simply the life of blogging. Bloggers need 24/7 connection to the world wide web as much as possible. Thanks to mobile internet, internet sticks, pocket wifi and the like for providing us internet anytime anywhere.

Among the internet-on-the-go gadgets I mentioned earlier, mobile internet is probably the most reliable. But bloggers need internet both for their mobile phones and their laptops or PCs. Having a mobile internet and an internet stick at the same is a bit more pricey. The most practical way of having internet for all devices is to have a Pocket/Mobile Wifi such as the Globe Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi.


The Globe Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi can connect up to 10 devices at the same time with up to 12 Mbps speed.

We all know that the Philippines is one of the countries with the slowest internet speed in the world. So the more you connect devices to your mobile wifi, the slower the internet speed becomes. I suggest you change the setting of your mobile wifi to allow only up to 2 devices to connect at the same time. That way, you’ll have a better internet speed for your mobile phone and your laptop.

A piece of warning: Some areas in the Philippines don’t have internet coverage yet, so your Globe Tatto 4G Mobile Wifi, or any other brands of pocket wifi, may not work. This is really the biggest challenge for digital nomads in our country. Here, we have mastered the virtue of patience and tolerance on this matter. But still, I hope our government is already doing something to improve it.

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This post is for the DigitalPro for Professional Bloggers Bootcamp by eSTRAT Media and Cebu Blogging Community with the support of Globe Prepaid and Global Hub Executive Suites.

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