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Hedgren The “POWER” of Image


Your image and appearance is the first thing people will notice when they look at you, and the key  to having a good first impression is to have a good image.

Hedgren Philippines with Ms. Abbygale Arenas De Leon, a former Bb. Pilipinas Universe, inspired us to envision our best self and exercise the POWER of Image.

“POWER” stands for:

Perfect smile. A good smile is the cheapest form of cosmetic.

Open stance. Always maintain a good posture.

Warm body language. Most people look for this in every first meeting.

Excellent appearance.  This includes the hair, fresh looking face, proper outfit, hygiene, and the right accessories.

Revamp workplace outfit of the day. There is no need to buy a whole lot of outfits for the workplace.


Learn more about Hedgren Style Clinic’s the “POWER of Image”here.

As Rachel Zoe put, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

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