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Fitness 101: Fun and Easy Ways To Get Fit




I’ve been a little too fixated with fitness lately. My reason? The signs of aging are somewhat appearing.

Getting fit doesn’t only mean losing weight. For me, it means gaining weight (and having a flat tummy and toned arms). Believe it or not, despite being thin, I actually have belly fat and I feel like I’m a candidate of getting an arm flab.

I am also 10 pounds short from getting the ideal body weight for my height and age. I easily get sick and I can’t stand long walks and climbs. In short, I am not physically fit.

Physical fitness is directly associated with mental fitness. A person who is not physically fit can’t achieve an optimum mental capabilities.

The Importance of Physical Fitness

A person who is physically fit is healthier, maintains an optimum weight, and is not prone to cardiac arrest and illnesses. Physical fitness can also be associated to a relaxed state of mind, and mental strength in dealing with life’s challenges and drastic changes.

How To Be Physically Fit

To be physically fit, it requires a change in lifestyle. It is incorporating a regular exercise routine and eating healthy foods. Avoiding bad habits and vices such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol is also necessary to maintain physical and mental fitness. Resting well, spending more time outdoors to smell the fresh air, and engaging in healthy activities like hiking, bicycling, or playing basketball are necessary to be included in your physically fit lifestyle.


It is a great way to enjoy some fresh air in the outdoors while getting your heart pumping.


It burns more calories than other cardio activities. When it gets boring running along the same neighborhood, head on to a nearby track.


The best thing about yoga is that you can do it at home using only your body and a mat. But if you want to be in a group, head on to Fitcamp PH and enjoy a mesmerizing view of nature.


Doing your household chores is like killing two birds with one stone. You get to clean your house and burn your calories.


It is a great way to workout while helping your community. Volunteer on community-service projects such as cleaning the park or building a home.

Fitness Bootcamp

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Fitness bootcamps are a whole lot of fun!

FITCAMP PH, inside Camp Lapulapu in Apas, Cebu City, has personalized trainings, fitness bootcamps, and nutrition and lifestyle consultations.

If you want to workout and get the right results, go visit Fitcamp PH and see their awesome facilities and qualified coaches. I tried it there myself and I’ll sure be coming back!

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Obstacle Course Race

This is best for those looking for a very challenging and exciting way to get fit. It includes climbing walls, crawling under barbed wires through mud, navigating water pits, or jumping over fire. Now who wants to take the challenge?

Tour around the city

If you don’t like challenging workouts however, a simple walking around the city or anywhere could do. Simply sign-up on free city or historical tours around your area for an added fun.


By simply being active, you can increase your body’s fitness levels. And aside from strengthening your body, getting fit also protects you from illnesses. Do you have something to add? Write it on the comments below.

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