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What You Need To Know About The Farmers’ Market Cebu

Farmers Market

Farmers Market


We visited the Farmers’ Market in SRP Road, Mambaling, Cebu City one Saturday and the market was filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables as well as people from different parts of Cebu. Despite the crowd and the busyness of the area, the cleanliness of the market was very evident; and the loud music that was playing in the background gave a “good vibes” effect while we roam around and look for fruits and vegetables to buy.

According to Miguel, the son of the brain behind this project – Tommy Osmeña, fresh vegetables and fruits arrive in the market from the farms every Friday afternoon, and it becomes most crowded during Saturdays.

For those who haven’t been into the Farmers’ Market yet, the place is much like an open grocery store. It has shopping carts, a Customer Service area for customer queries and complains, and a couple of security personnel.

Side note: The shopping carts used in the Farmers’ Market were damaged carts bought from shopping stores which were repaired and re-used as told by Miguel.

Additionally, the market provides a free ride for all its customers between the market and the Mambaling flyover. That is quite a help for all the commuters who come from far places to buy in the market. For all the customers with private cars, Farmers’ Market has a wide parking area but it has Php5.00 parking fee. Also, the parking lot can get muddy during rainy days.

The reason why many people chose to buy in the Farmers’ Market despite being far is because the fruits and vegetables sold here are cheaper than in the Colon market. According to a farmer, everyday they monitor the prices in Colon market and they make sure that their prices are lower.

Tommy said the Farmers’ Market was established to help the farmers earn more from their crops and the consumers buy fresh produce for lesser price.

In an interview I had with some of the farmers I learned that they are paying Php100.00 everyday for the rent of the tent where they display their crops. Two farmers share the space of each tent.  The video above shares the story of the experiences of the farmers during their stay in the Farmers’ Market.

So, whether the Farmers’ Market truly sells cheaper fruits and vegetables compared to other markets, I can only share to you what we’re able to buy from Php300.00.

For Php300.00, we had:

  • 1/2 kilo Carrots
  • 1 kilo Tomato
  • 1/4 kilo Repolyo
  • 1/4 kilo Sibuyas Dahon
  • 1 kilo Ginger
  • 1 kilo Lemon
  • 3 kilos Squash
  • 1/4 kilo Raddish
  • 1 kilo Cucumber
  • 1 kilo Banana (Tundan)
  • 2 kilos Camote
  • 1 kilo Banana (Cardaba)
  • 2 pcs. Sweet Corn

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