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Budget Tip For Moderate Internet Users in Cebu

Budget Tip For Moderate Internet Users in Cebu

Budget Tip For Moderate Internet Users in Cebu

Yes, the Internet situation in the Philippines is very disappointing. You’ll get very little of what you paid so much for. The solution of which is still out of reach, and we’re still waiting for the day when something would break the Internet dilemma (perhaps, monopoly) in the country.

In the mean time, let’s make better use of what we have and explore better options our ISPs offer.

I prefer Prepaid.

Prepaid load gives me better control of my data usage. Postpaid might be more convenient, but I’d like to be always aware of my spending both in money and data. So, I don’t mind taking the extra time to scratch Prepaid cards, type PIN numbers, and subscribe to data packages.

I always subscribe to monthly data packages. Providers call it 1 month “unlimited” internet. Well, of course, it’s half true because there’s actually Data Cap implemented to it. If you are a Globe Tattoo user, for 30 days, you have to spend about a thousand pesos to get less than 6 Gigabytes of data. Never mind the speed.

Capital S-A-D, I know.

But Globe Prepaid users in Cebu just got luckier. Here’s the budget tip I want to share to those who are not heavy Internet users. By “not heavy Internet users” I mean those who do not do video streaming; or download movies, videos or any heavy files; or do online gaming, and the likes.

If you only use the Internet for posting in social media, checking emails, or publishing short/light blog posts, for only 600 pesos in 30 days, you will have 12 GB of data. How?

Globe SURF20

May I warn you, though, that you have to spend a bit of time to be able to save a bit of money. If spending extra seconds to save extra pesos and get extra bytes is good enough for you, then read on.


It started during the Sinulog Festival. Globe offered the SURF20 promo to its subscribers with 400 MB of data good for 24 hours of surfing. That means, as I have mentioned, 12 GB of data in 30 days. Sounds good? Yes. But what’s better is they have extended the promo.

Now people in Cebu can continuously avail of the promo and use it anywhere in the country. But take note, you can only subscribe to the promo when you are in Cebu.

To subscribe, just type SURF20 and send it to 8888.

Here are other things you might want to take note:

  • Your 400 MB is only good for 24 hours. Any unused data after that period will be forfeited.
  • You are only allocated with 400 MB of data in one day. Any excess data used will be charged according to the regular browsing rate. But don’t worry because your current browsing session will be automatically cut and  you’ll be informed once you have completely consumed your 400 MB allocation. Or, you can send SURF20 STATUS to 8888 to be aware of your current data usage.
  • You can opt out of the promo by texting SURF20 STOP to 8888.
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This promo might be a little inconvenient to use for a month as you have to do the subscription daily. But, if you have a high regard on saving money, this could be a better option. Remember, that’s 400 MB in a day, 12 GB in a month for only 600 pesos with no maintaining balance needed. Globe’s 1 month unlisurf costs 999 pesos with only 5 GB allocation. A very big difference, isn’t it?

Considering the current Internet situation of the Philippines, Globe SURF20 is already a good deal.

This post is for the DigitalPro for Professional Bloggers Bootcamp by eSTRAT Media and Cebu Blogging Community with the support of Globe Prepaid and Global Hub Executive Suites.

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