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Budget Friendly to No Cost Bridal Shower Ideas

bridal shower

bridal shower

Ideally, bridal showers are very costly. But hey, don’t you think it might be better to move out of the box? You don’t need to spend much to throw a very extravagant “girl time” before your wedding day. Below are some tips on having a low-cost yet unique bridal shower party.

Consider the location

You need not have a lavish venue for your party. Just enough space and a good environment will do. Your home will do. What’s important is that the place would be very accessible to your guests and it’s up to you (and your bridesmaids/bestfriends) to make your venue look ravishing.


It is one of the basic things to be considered. The more convenient the transportation will be, the more invited guests are able to go. Just make sure that your guests won’t be able to spend a lot on their gas or fare in getting to your party.

Pick a theme

Now we’re moving on to the party proper. Some people think that having a theme would add the cost of a party. But guess what, picking a theme would help you decide quickly in your decors and would give you more ideas on how to maximize your resources. Just unleash the creativity in you!


Keep it simple. Whatever changes the world around us has to offer, still, simplicity is beauty. Here are some tips on making your cheap decors look fancy.

– Focus on reusable decor. An ample of creativity will do. Amaze your guests by letting them see simple things turn into stunning decors.

– Make it personal. The more you work for your own decor, the more fulfillment in yourself you achieve. Doing things for your little party would be one of the great things you do at your wedding.


The best no-cost invitation idea would be by creating a Facebook event and have your guests invited. However, you may also apply the tips mentioned a while ago about decors. Invitations don’t need to cost much.

**Bonus idea: CHALKBOARD COUNT DOWN SIGN — It may seem unessential, but a little reminder of your big day will bring eager enthusiasm not just for you, but as well as your guests. Plus, it will surely be great for photo-taking with your guests.


– Plan your menu. Taking time to plan for a menu will help you prepare for your food quickly and easily.

– Number of people attending. Considering this will contribute to making your budget. Having a final list of your guests will help you estimate the food you need to prepare. Also, it makes you avoid of having any excessive leftovers.

– Budget. You have to prepare a budget plan and stick to it. Monitoring your expenses will help you keep in pace to your budget. With this, you will be able to achieve low-cost expense for your food.

**Bonus idea: Ask for help and accept help! If your guests will ask “what can I bring?” Thank God for their generous hearts. Let them bring something. They wouldn’t ask if they weren’t willing, so it would be better if you let them contribute. In that way, you also give them a sense of fulfillment by letting them help you.


A thorough planning for your games will add to the success in achieving your low-cost bridal shower party. Make sure your games will have the least cost, but not giving up the quality of the purpose of your party. Here are some of the low-cost game examples that might add to your game ideas:

– Quiz the bride. This game might need the effort of your friends, but it would be worth it. Preparing questions for the bride won’t be that heavy. They may ask the groom for some question ideas to throw to the bride. Think it would be more interesting if most of the questions comes from the groom. Friends may also throw funny questions.

– Make a wedding dress out of toilet paper and roll of tape. Toilet paper and roll of tapes are not that costly, don’t you think? Here, the creativity of your friends will be tested, and who knows, one of your friends might have the designer talent right?

Party Favors

Or party giveaways are recommendable for a party. With this, you are given the chance to thank your guests for their effort in coming to your party. Here are some helpful ideas for having your party favors:

– Lotions, soaps, and body sprays are always great, especially that it is a “girl-time” party. Surely, the girls would love it!

– Little boxes or bags filled with candy. This cute idea will bring the childish side of each girl in your party. Might as well have a candy bar and let them fill their own bags with candies so that they have to choose and

– Individual cupcakes or individual mini loaves of bread, banana/zucchini bread, or other kind of sweet bread. It can’t be denied that we girls love everything sweet!

Now we’re almost done! Of course, this kind of party won’t be complete without any words from the bride-to-be. Even just a short speech will do as long as it is from the heart. This is your time to thank everyone for having their presence in your party and this is your time to have your emotional moment if you want–this is your party anyway.

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