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Blog Talk 2 | Cebu’s Best Fashion Blog, NestedThoughts



Here’s my second featured blogger in the Blog Talk series. Presenting Katherine Annika Cutar of She’s currently the best when it comes to fashion blogging in Cebu. I personally love her instagram account, which inspires me to indulge myself into fashion trends. Excited to know more about her? Read on.

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1. Who is Katherine Cutar and what is Nested Thoughts?

Ans: My name is Katherine of and I am a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger.

I’m currently in the ripe old age of 21. If you like cats, high-waisted jeans, detective movies/TV series, and anything with mint+chocolate, then we’ll get along just fine. I undergone myself through a lot of research and synonym word hunt. I know most of us did! My first blog name was very fancy and girly. Established on 2012, my blog has undergone name changing twice until I settled on the right name. A moment of divine intervention went and it just suddenly came to me. “Nested Thoughts.” No, I did not base it on Kryz Uy’s “Thirsty Thought” (everybody’s thinking I did when I still didn’t even know about Kryz 3 years ago).

A moment of divine intervention went and it just suddenly came to me. “Nested Thoughts.” No, I did not base it on Kryz Uy’s “Thirsty Thought.”

In IT, “nested” means a structure with several levels. “Nested Thoughts” basically means a structure or blocks of thoughts. Nested Thoughts is simply a quirky and upbeat manifestation of what and who I am all about, and what I decide to fling to the world or at least to those who care enough to frequently visit. Haha! In my blog, you may find yourself coming across my vigorous passion to all sorts of things which include my lifestyle and fashion, food, travel, tutorials, aesthetics/general design, and just about any life experience/happenings that I deem worthy enough to be shared.

2. How did you first get into blogging?

Ans: It was 3 years ago when I decided to create an outlet for my thoughts—a blog. It all started when I was still a Tumblr girl. I always visited this site and I really find everything in it sweet, wonderful and aesthetic. But I wanted to produce my own along with my thoughts and experiences that I want to share to other people, that’s why I created a blog. I chose Blogspot because it’s more user-friendly.

3. Can you share some of your strengths that helped you succeed in blogging?

Maintaining a good looking blog is an important aspect because it is what your readers will first see…

Ans: For the record, I am still not a successful blogger. Not yet, but one day. However, I can share some strengths that helped me improve my blogging. One strength is my capability to customize my own blog layout without even spending a single dime. I’ve always loved web designing since high school. And I still continue to improve my designing skills in styling my own blog without the need to hire a web designer.  Maintaining a good looking blog is an important aspect because it is what your readers will first see the moment they land on your blog. Another strength is my supportive blogger friends. Being surrounded by people that also love and do what you do is very essential in improving your blogging. You may surround yourself by mere supportive friends but having friends that are also bloggers is kind of more helpful.

4. How will you describe your style as a blogger?

Ans: I am a style/fashion blogger. I mainly blog about looks/outfits/OOTDs. I always go with monochromatic/minimalist/basic looks, sometimes a lil’ laid back but still maintaining the edge.

5. How do you enhance your blog’s traffic and engagement?

Ans: I enhance it by commenting on other bloggers’ posts with my blog URL for them to know where to find me to increase engagement in my blog. I also share my blog posts to my social media accounts. I also am a part of blogger groups outside the Philippines (InfluenceHer Collective, formerly known as Her Campus Blogger Network) and of course here in Cebu (Cebu Blogging Community). Whenever they have a syndication or blogger interaction/collaboration, I always include myself and leave my blog or recent post URL (that of which depends on the kind of activity going on in the group).

6. How do you think can a blogger best serve his readers?


A blogger should teach his readers and not just feed them information.
 A blogger should enrich engagement and not just traffic. And a blogger should build a community out of his/her readers and not just growing followers. I actually made a post about WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A PRO BLOGGER in my blog. You might want to check it out for more insights!

7. What is your ideal working environment?

Ans: I love working on my blog at home, inside my room with the laptop either on my desk or on my lap. Just as simple as that.

8. How do you manage your time to be efficient in blogging?

Ans: I am a full-time working person and it’s really hard to manage efficient blogging time but I am doing my best to spare my free time to blogging and that is after I get out from work, during weekends or holidays.

9. What other things you want to improve in yourself?

Ans: I want to improve my time management (that also elevates to improving self-discipline). Being a full-time working girl is hard when you are also a part-time blogger. I am always struggling with managing my time having these circumstances. I want to utilize my time at work while still being able to attend to my blogging tasks without leaving anything behind.

10. Have you experienced some failure in blogging? How did you cope up with it?

Ans: The only failure (I guess) that I experienced in blogging was becoming actively inactive for almost a couple of years because of school. It left me with lost opportunities but I obviously coped up with it by being back to blogging again and continue what I started. I found and focused on a niche that I am passionate about—which is fashion—improved my blog layout, collaborated with other brands and bloggers and shared more of my realizations and learnings through the phase of my blogging career to my readers.

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11. What was your biggest achievement as a blogger so far?

Ans: I got elected as the Fashion Lead Representative in Cebu Blogging Community. Having this title really means a lot to me!

12. Who influenced you most in blogging and how?

Ans: No one of specific name really influenced me in blogging. I just started this whole thing because I felt the need to. But I know some bloggers who really brought inspiration and one of which is Camie Juan. She is just one of the few bloggers that I find encouraging, uplifting and stimulating. Her thoughts are just so.

13. Where would you like to be in blogging 5 years from now?

Ans: By then, I promised myself that I’ve already traveled parts of the world and would be, at least, renowned in the blogging field that I chose to cross. But most importantly, I want to be genuinely happy and contented in my life and in blogging by then.

14. What was the most challenging moment in blogging so far?

Ans: I think it is

providing the right information
and the same time, the entertainment that readers seek in each blog post you make.


15. Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and why are they your favorite?

Ans: Camie Juan of Wild Spirit. Even though she is not a fashion blogger, I still really like her. She can actually be an inspiration to anybody. I like the way she delivers herself, the way she communicates to her community (not followers) and her positivity in life.

May Cho of The Mayden. I don’t know if she knows that I like her. But yeah, I really do. She’s a style blogger and I really love how poetic her posts are. She’s really a good writer and I love the fact that she really reads my posts and I can tell that she actually does, based on her comments of genuine reaction.

Mija Flatau of Mija. She is my minimal style blogger inspiration. I love her aesthetic craft and almost everything about her. She’s really creative and fun.

16. What inspired you to start Nested Thoughts?

Ans: Tumblr. As what I’ve mentioned earlier, Tumblr got me charmed and I wanted to deliver my own and share my thoughts and experiences to the people who are more willing to know about it.

17. What motivates you in keeping your blog up and running?


Having goals creates motivation.
My goal is to become a successful person in this craft and be able to travel the world. Goals are what keeping me going.

18. Do you personally get invitations from fashion related businesses?

Ans: Yes, I do.

19. Do you get paid for blogging about certain trends or stores?

Ans: Yes.

20. What do you think is the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Ans: For me that would be ranking your blog and making it SEO-friendly.

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21. What is the difference between your life before blogging and now?

Ans: My life before blogging was plain boring. Now, it’s definitely busy but I ain’t complaining.

22. How much time do you spend in blogging?

Ans: Just around 20-40% of the total time I spend a day. My day job eats up a lot of my time and I hate it so much.

23. Is blogging your profession or a hobby?

Ans: Before it was just a hobby. But I realized it is already my profession and it will continue to be like that.

24. Would you encourage others to make their blog?

Ans: Yes. But they should think twice before doing so.

Blogging should be passionate and not because it’s currently on trend
 or because your friends are doing it as well.


25. What would you tell people who want to start their own blog?

Ans: Hey, if you really want to start a blog. Think twice. Based on what I’ve said earlier, blogging should be started with true and passionate intentions. And you definitely need to know your niche or the field that you want your blog to focus on. It’s important that your blog must target a specific topic that your readers will recognize you for it.

Your blog is your brand and it should represent you.


This post is for the DigitalPro for Professional Bloggers Bootcamp by eSTRAT Media and Cebu Blogging Community with the support of Globe Prepaid and Global Hub Executive Suites.

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