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A Heart Filled With Thanks

A heart filled with thanks

A heart filled with thanks

I got invited to write a gratitude post on my blog as part of a challenge. I felt a bit of shame because saying thank you shouldn’t be asked from someone, it must be something we have to do everyday. I noticed, I haven’t done it for a long time and this is just a reminder of what I have been missing in my life – being grateful.

So now, I would like to say THANK YOU to

  • Inventors and all the techies who invented the laptops, cellphones, cameras and all products of technology. They make my job easier and faster… The same goes to my life in general, but I hope not faster only easier.
  • Web developers, designers and all the geeks who made Internet possible and connected people from all parts of the world. Thank you for bringing people and places closer.
  • Speakers, mentors, writers, bloggers, reporters, and all people in the media who shares their knowledge and ideas over all kinds of platform – websites, television channels, radio broadcasts, seminars, etc. You may not know it, but I got a lot of help in just about anything from all of you.
  • Cebu Blogging Community, and all the people who helped me become part of this wonderful community. The energy is contagious. You guys are the best!
  • My MUST Family, the Madams, the CHAR, ICTS, Trailblazer, SSC, DOST-SEI Scholars Guild, Debating Society – I owe to all of you a very big part of what I’ve learned in facing the real world. After all these years, I haven’t forgotten the memories.
  • CNHS Family, though short but my time with you was filled with awesome opportunities and experiences. Thank you to all the inspiring teachers here who influenced me to do good and be good.
  • LDCU Family, for reshaping my personality and character. It was like entering a whole new world after I left my provincial life and lived for the first time in the city of Golden Friendship.
  • PWCES Family, for all the honor. I wish I could tell you I have been doing better on the crafts you’ve known me of doing, but I’ve taken a different road now. Far from the one you used to know. Nevertheless, thank you for all the memories. Everything lead me to recognizing what I really want to do.
  • ISUZU-CDO Family, for being my very first family after I survived my student life. I am grateful for all the learning and experiences I had with you and for being so kind to a newbie.
  • PLDT-Philcom Family, for the first ever work-related travel experience, for all the food trips and wonderful bonding moments. I dearly miss our times together, if only I can turn back time.
  • Adminwhiz Family, for being more than my workmates, for giving me more than the workloads, for being like a real family to me. I hope we could all work together again someday. I miss each one of you!
  • TekWorx Family, for the new learnings and opportunities. It’s such an honor working with you all.
  • #iBlogForBantayan #SensationalSiquijor and the rest of the PIA-Cebu Family for the awesome experiences in a wonderful places with wonderful people. All the trips were memorable, I will never forget them for the rest of my life.
  • GDG, GBG, Cebuanas on the Web Family for all the new ideas and connections. I’ll be keeping in touch as much as I can.
  • The EuroStar Family and the rest of the Difference Demonstrated for a new kind of experience and shared inspirations. There is a right time for everything. I may spend time with you again someday.
  • The Team Traydor/COA for being my new family in the blogosphere. I am so proud to be called your friend. We’re not really traitors, we can’t just keep our words most of the time. Don’t worry, I’m still proud to be your friend.
  • My classmates from elementary to college who helped me get through those challenging school years. I’m not sure you still know and I can’t certainly remember you all, but I’m sure we did share some awesome times together getting through all the pressures of being a student. We rock!
  • The teachers who taught me from 1+1 to e=mc2 and from “My name is Apple.” to “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life, is rounded with a sleep.” I wouldn’t have made it if you haven’t been kind to me. Thank you for teaching me.
  • My friends, old and new, who add color to my life, thank you for all the craziness, the adventures, the laughters and tears. Thank you for being my listeners, critics and fans (echos lang). Once my friend will always be my friend. Unless you’ll do something unacceptable. I couldn’t explain that further. Just thank you for always being there.
  • My bosses, past and present, and all the people who give me jobs that provide food on our table. Thank you so much.
  • My COG7 family, for nurturing my faith. I’ve missed to be faithful at times but, thanks to you, I always get back on track.
  • The people who helped us get through all the challenges in life, a big THANK YOU! You are heaven-sent, a blessing from above. All your kindness will definitely be repaid a hundred folds. God bless you all!
  • My cousins who are like bestfriends, sisters and brothers to me. Thank you for helping me out in so many ways and know always that I’m always here to help you as much as I can. Just call my name and I’ll be there.
  • My titos and titas who helped in shaping my character. Thank you for all the care and the reprimands. I accept both open-heartedly because I know you also care for me.
  • My grandmother, for all the lessons on how to look better and how to deal with your boyfriend. I pray you will have an extremely long life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for being my lola.
  • My brothers, life may be peaceful without you but it would also be boring. That’s why, Thank you for following my orders and for respecting me (sometimes). Do good and be good.
  • My parents, I wouldn’t be here without you, literally. Thank you for bringing me into this world and for taking care of me for more than two decades now. Thank you also for patiently dealing with my annoyances.
  • My boyfriend, THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME!
  • All the likers and followers of The Apple Daily, thank you for the support. You are a family to me!
  • And most important of all – GOD, of course, as always. What would I be without you? Thank you for this life and everything in it – good or bad. Help me live this life uprightly and according to your will.

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